Hi, my name is John and I have been a handyman for friends, family and neighbors all of my life. I can install new appliances or fix old ones. I can do just about any job for much cheaper than for what others are asking for. 

 I specialize in plumbing, electrical, installation of household appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, recess lighting, gardening, etc... ... I can fix just about anything. I am super experienced and know just about everything that has to do with home repair. You will be very satisfied with my work and attention to detail.

Some of my services include: 
- Fencing: Repairing fences gates and walls . 
- Paint: Minor painting and patching holes in drywall. 
- Internal Doors: Repairing and replacing doors, door jams and hardware including locks and handles. 
- Cabinetry: Replacing cabinet hinges and handles. 
- Entertainment Systems: Mounting flat-screen televisions, surround sound systems, stereo equipment, etc... 
- Home Appliances: Installing water heaters, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, dryers, etc... 
- External Gutters: Clean gutters and downspouts. Power-washing of exterior surfaces. 
- Internal Windows: Replacing windows and screens. 
- Electrical: Replacing light switches, wall outlets, light fixtures and fans. 
- Lighting: Installing new lights and fixtures. 
- Carpentry: Light carpentry including building tables, wood cages, etc... 
- Furniture Assembly: Assembling of furniture cabinets, beds, tables, Ikea etc... 
- Plumbing: Faucets, toilet, dishwashers, garbage disposals, drains etc... 
- Air Conditioning: Replacement of filters. - Gardening: Sprinkler installation and repair. 
- Smoke Detectors: Installation, inspection and replacement of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. 
I am located in Yorba Linda and can travel anywhere within Orange County! 

Just call or text me at (714) 393-3457 and feel free to ask any questions. Thank you. 

 Note: I am not a licensed contractor.